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This is a great gun for the money. I own a Springfield XD 45, a Beretta APX 9 mm compact, and two of these. Lots of features, never jams, can’t miss with this choice! YouTube reviewers love it

Jamie Carter | Groveport, Ohio 

This is a great little gun. It is well made of good materials. It is the ideal CC weapon. Easy to conceal and holds 12+1 rounds. Takes a little practice to get used to the trigger but not much. Highly recommend.

Clara Patson

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As the leading online resource for selling handguns Texas Glock Store brings you the top brands of semi-automatic handguns with decades of experience. When you buy a firearm online from us you have a choice of successful small arms. Our manufacturing experience is combined with high standards of state-of-the-art technology. Shop online for pistols with hammer barrels and superior ergonomics or pistols with adjustable night vision targets and stainless steel construction. Shoot the ultimate target pistol or one of the newest compact revolvers with standard fixed sights. We offer pocket pistols that are highly concealed carry tested. When shopping for new glasses be sure to order glasses and follow all safety precautions. Remember we only ship firearms and pistols to licensed FFL firearms dealers so please contact us if you have any questions.

Expand your buying options with our categories of pre-owned pistols for sale. Many of these pistols are factory certified and backed by warranties. Our new guns in the box include manufacturers who are still incorporating the technology into production. Although gun sales are the smallest unit of shooters this is what matters. Maybe you want a 38 45 ACP revolver or a classic .357 Magnum revolver. Your 9mm is ready to mount in a black polymer body and stainless steel rim. TopGunSupply.com carries a wide range of machine tools from the most innovative manufacturers so you can get the gun you want. Choose a pistol with custom upgrades and unique features. If the double thumb safety and aluminum trigger appeal to you order from our line of best-selling pistols today. We also offer gun parts for repair and replacement.

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